Fancy looking at a ferret?

By VanEastVet, on Saturday, January 27th, 2018

What to do if you need a companion in your life but dogs are too big, cats too expensive, and bunnies or guinea pigs aren’t quite your speed. Have you every considered a ferret?

Ferrets are becoming more common as more people transition to smaller pets in the city, and for an excellent reason! Ferrets are FUN. Small and slinky, these little creatures are the life of the party in the pet kingdom. They’re curious, clever and affectionate, and they’re a great pet for adults or older children.
Ferrets tend to like a home environment similar to that of a rabbit. A cage or crate with a littler pan, food, a bed and some toys will keep them happy, but really ferrets like to roam. Prepared to find them inside, behind, underneath and on top of all sorts of furniture in your home! Some ferret-proofing will keep them out of too much trouble, and your stuff safe before bringing your friend home.
Keeping your ferret mentally stimulated is as important as with any other pet. playing with toys, creating games and paying them attention is essential to keeping these little creatures happy. Many owners like to harness train their furry friends to take them on adventures too!
For basic health needs ferrets need a diet high in protein and are most regularly fed cat food! Be sure to check with your veterinarian for a food suitable for your friend. Diet is important no matter what kind of pet you have so make sure you’re not exacerbating any pre-existing conditions with the wrong foods. Treats can be fresh vegetables, fruit, fish or meat, and these clever creatures can work for them! With an intelligent nature, ferrets can be taught tricks for treats, like a cat or a dog can.
As with any pet, regular veterinary care is essential to make sure their teeth, coat, skin and more are all healthy.  Luckily our clinic is staffed with doctors who are well-versed in ferret care and happy to help with any concerns you might have!
To find out more or if you’re preparing to bring a ferret into your life, this is a great guide on everything from food to how to ferret-proof your home. (Please keep in mind these prices are not sourced from Vancouver. For accurate estimates reach out to your local vet, pet store or rescue association.)
If you’re ready to take the plunge, remember to adopt, don’t shop! The SPCA often has ferrets for adoption, or you can check out one of the many ferret rescue associations like the Vancouver Ferret Rescue & Welfare Society  for your perfect pick.