Working dogs, we salute you!

By VanEastVet, on Saturday, December 16th, 2017

As the year draws to a close many of us reflect on the year that was. It’s been a year of political ups and downs, a year of leaps in science and humanity, of the continued rise of our soon-to-be-tech-overlord Elon Musk.

Locally one story has continually warmed our hearts as the year has rolled by. The Vancouver PD has put a huge amount of money and resources into it’s Canine Unit and it’s been a delight seeing it trotted out on social media.  Their new recruits, annual holiday calendar, and the dog’s collars (pun intended) of perps are all celebrated through both their Facebook and Twitter accounts and have proved to be some of the highlights of our days.

Happy puppies with their eyes bright, all the way through to seasoned professionals on guard and on point have captured our hearts.
Working dogs have always been part of society, and an integral part of how the police and military perform many tasks. The bond between these dogs and their partners is something extraordinary and unbreakable, and the value of their professional skills are indispensable.  However the tremendous work these pups do, isn’t just limited to in the field.
 This Canadian Wounded Warriors program gives support dogs to ex-military to help them survive the devastating PTSD that many suffer after returning home from war-torn zones. Their stories are truly inspiring. If you’re looking for a life-changing, heart-warming charity to support, why not check out one of the many organizations that pairs military vets with support animals in Canada or around the globe. These programs truly change lives.
We can all learn one very important thing from these stories of working dogs serving alongside people, to protect and heal us…. Dogs are truly are too good for this world. We don’t deserve them, but we will keep trying.