Boredom Busters!

By VanEastVet, on Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Boredom Busters!


As the winter seems to be kicking into overdrive, most of us are looking out the window at the rain, snow and slush and groaning with boredom. Does it feel like your pet is too?
Bored animals turn into destructive animals – and wouldn’t you? While us humans have work, friends, television and hobbies to keep us busy, all your pet has… is you! Spending time playing with your furry friend is such an important part of keeping them well-behaved! Exercise, games, or training will all mentally stimulate your pet, and that’s half the challenge.

Busy working on his decorating skills.

We’ve done a bit of digging and found some great DIY’s that will keep you and your pet busy! These are great projects that will keep those minds and bodies active, and keep spirits up until the sunshine decides to come back to B.C.
For Dogs:
Hiding treats around the house or playing a game of hide and seek with your dog is a fun way for them to get some extra mental stimulation. It’s one of the most versatile games you can teach your dog. Start off with a simple game of ‘guess which hand’ to get them started. It can be played anywhere, with toys or treats you already have. if you’ve got a bit enough house – try playing hide and seek yourself! Hopefully your pup is better than these three below;

Make some frozen treats for your dogs! You can freeze dogs treats in ice or make some ice cubes from broth. Just like stuffed Kongs, frozen treats are a great way to occupy your dog when you leave the house or need to do some chores.
A water bottle, milk jug, or yogurt container can be turned into a great treat puzzle! This is only for dogs that don’t destroy and consume plastic. Simply cut a few holes in various places in the plastic and fill with kibble. Easy and recyclable! You can also do this with a cardboard box taped closed – but be warned – it’s not going to last nearly as long!
Play cups with your kitty! Engage them with treats, a small toy, or a bell and see if they can beat the kids!

If you’re a craftily inclined cat owner check this out! 20 amazing DIY projects for all skill levels, and all price points.  Ranging from a self-petting station, to a cat-hammock and a rocket made from cardboard boxes this will keep you busy well into 2018.

DIY cat-scratcher.

Tune in next week for Part 2 – Pocket Pets, and get some more great ideas for your small-scale friends!