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Do Unto Animals

By VanEastVet, on Monday, August 10th, 2015

Jon Stewart filmed his historic final appearance on The Daily Show last week, and used the show’s final minutes leading up to the Moment of Zen closer as an opportunity to plug his wife’s upcoming book, Do Unto Animals. Tracey Stewart (who is an animal rights advocate, and former veterinary technician, as well as Jon Stewart’s wife of 15 years) wrote the book to examine the modern human-animal relationship.

Animal rights advocacy is an issue particularly near and dear to the Stewarts’ hearts: Tracey’s interest in farm animal advocacy traces back to her first contact with Farm Sanctuary, an organization formed in 1986 to protect farm animals from cruelty, that also promotes a vegan lifestyle. Tracey originally established a relationship with Farm Sanctuary to collect stories for her book, but soon found herself immersed in their advocacy work; now the Stewarts and their two children live on a farm in New Jersey which they have repurposed into an animal sanctuary of sorts, providing a home for farm animals rescued from cruelty.

Do Unto Animals draws from stories from Tracey’s own life and experiences as a veterinary technician, and her time at Farm Sanctuary, as well as at her own personal animal sanctuary. The book is set to be released this October 6, 2015, features amazing illustrations by Lisel Ashlock, and all proceeds will go to Farm Sanctuary. You can preorder the book at Amazon, or other online retailers, or as Mr. Stewart himself suggests, see if you can buy locally, and support your independent bookstore.

During his tenure on The Daily Show, Stewart frequently interviewed and championed lesser-known or up-and-coming authors by exposing them to his viewership of millions. In this particular case, the plug was so successful that the Do Unto Animals shot from 244,740 to 7 on the Amazon sales list, practically overnight. That’s pretty impressive reach.