Cat Awareness Month 2015 | Vancouver East Veterinary Walk-In Clinic

June is Cat Awareness Month

By VanEastVet, on Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Break out the Cat Ear Costumes that you’ve been holding onto.  No, not those ones, get the fancy ones.  This is important.  This is Cat Awareness.

June is Cat Awareness Month, which is why the BC SPCA is encouraging animal lovers everywhere to put on their cat ears and get on social media, all to raise awareness about cat overpopulation.  Cat overpopulation and abandonment is serious stuff, and the BC SPCA has been helping to address this problem for years.  They operate spay and neuter clinics in Vancouver, Kelowna, and Prince George, and help allocate funds to start spay and neuter initiatives in other communities in the province.  They are also at the front line of stimulating overpopulation awareness, by urging BC municipalities to allocate funding towards this initiative, and by speaking in schools and through press releases and public service announcements.

If you’re some sort of weirdo who doesn’t already own your own pair of cat ears, head to your local BC SPCA to pick up a pair (by donation), or head over to to get a pair online.  Go ahead, I’ll wait while you do.

Now that you have them, simply put them on your head, point a camera at your face, and take a picture.  (It’s called a selfie, and they’re starting to get popular.)  Share that photo (or “selfie”) online, and watch as all your friends start think you underwent some sort of human-cat splicing surgery.  Of course you did not, but your friends do not know this.  While they’re bewitched by your new ears, be sure to educate them about cat overpopulation and abandonment, and make sure to point them to the nearest BC SPCA or BC SPCA Neuter Clinic while you’re at it.  Good job, human.