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Kittenish: Cat Selfies and the Humane Society

By VanEastVet, on Thursday, June 18th, 2015

New York Times Bestseller Gwen Cooper, author of Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, (or How I Learned About Love and Life With a Blind Wonder Cat) and Love Saves the Day has just released her third cat-centric book, titled Kittenish.

The book is a parody of Kim Kardashian’s coffee table book Selfish, which is a collection of her favourite selfies.  450 hard-bound pages of selfies.  Yes, somehow Selfish became a book, but let’s not judge, or question a universe in which such a book could be published, because if nothing else it did help inspire Cooper’s parody book, which is infinitely superior.  Infinitely superior because instead of brimming with pictures of one human, it is brimming with pictures of many cats.

Pictures is not exactly the right word, because they’re actually cat selfies: hard as it may be to believe, Cooper actually spent countless hours training cats to use smartphones and take selfies, and her work finally paid off.  No, that’s not actually true.  Cooper appealed to her fans and collected over 8000 photos of cats that were culled down to create the content of the book.  It is perfectly fine to pretend that the cats took the photos themselves.

Why should you buy Kittenish?  First of all, the cats.  Have we mentioned the cats?  But more importantly, all of the proceeds from the book go to the Humane Society International animal relief effort in Nepal following their recent devastating earthquake.  HSI has been on the scene in Nepal since the beginning, and all donations will help ongoing efforts, such as funding veterinary assistance as well as purchasing necessary medical supplies.

Visit to purchase Kittenish as an ebook or in hardcover, and help aid Nepalese relief.