Tame that mane! Doctor’s orders.

By VanEastVet, on Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Although the idea of a day at the spa for your pet may sound a little indulgent to some, the importance of good grooming cannot be underestimated! Maintaining good grooming habits for your pets can have long-reaching benefits for their happiness and health, and who doesn’t want to have the cutest pet at the park?


Dogs, cats, and rabbits all need regular brushing to keep their coat healthy. A good brushing helps shed unwanted hair (and keeps it off your carpets), stimulates the natural oils in their skin promoting a shiny coat and healthy skin, and is great bonding time with your pet!. Once a week for short coat breeds is fine, but a long or fine hair breed should be brushed daily. Without brushing, you run the risk of some pretty messy and sometimes downright painful consequences.
You want examples? Ask any cat owner about hairballs and see them shudder. Brushing your cat will help cut down on their own grooming time, and how much hair they’re ingesting. You’re also avoiding the chance of sleepily stepping on one when making your morning coffee. Win, win!
Matted hair pulls painfully at your animal’s hair and skin, can affect their temperament, and can even cause medical issues. Smaller and looser matts are possible to patiently brush out, but more tightly packed or large matts will need to be shaved – which can lead to some pretty interesting haircuts, and some very cold pets over the winter months.
Lastly, a dirty or matted under-carriage can also lead to some pretty severe issues for your pet. Other than the terrible smell of dried feces in your animals hair, matting in this region can lead to infections, and – prepare yourself for the stuff of nightmares – can even breed maggots in some cases. If you’ve got a steady hand, make sure your pet gets regular trims, or your groomer or vet can take care of it for you!
With a huge variety of  combs and brushes available for a range of uses on the market, do some research or talk to your groomer about the right choice for your pet. Not all brushes are created equal.
If your pet needs some hair-care contact us at www.awac.ca, at www.vancouvereast.vet or check out the amazing Aleesia Chow at www.aleesia.com to book an appointment for some pet pampering!