Get good karma, adopt a senior.

By VanEastVet, on Friday, November 10th, 2017

November is Adopt a Senior Month, and rescue’s everywhere are highlighting all of their amazing older animals looking for homes to keep them warm and loved right until the end.
It’s a terrible reality how many older animals end up in shelters, left behind or picked up for a range of heart-breaking reasons. The other awful reality is how long they stay in shelters, often overlooked for their younger, cuter counterparts. But adopting a senior can be a wonderful surprise! Their manners are impeccable, their exercise demands are very reasonable, and they have optimum snuggle needs for cold Vancouver winters.
If you’re up for adopting a senior, it’s also a much easier ‘settling in’ process! No chewing on chair legs, pulling you along by a leash or crazy changes in personality. What you see with these guys is pretty much what you get.
It’s important to remember that older pets aren’t always the same. There are seniors that will fit into almost every lifestyle! Look for high-energy breeds to fit into an active family; a blue heeler, husky mix, or border collie will be hiking and playing well into their senior years. ¬†Something more mellow for young kids like a Maine Coone, or a hound or pitbull mix that can be patient and come along for the ride sure beats trying to toilet train a puppy while getting the kids off to school! A sweet big lumbering Bernese or a mellow little Rag-Doll can be just what you didn’t know what you were missing after retirement.
Health-wise, the most important thing when taking care of a senior pet is be proactive! Make sure they’re on an appropriate diet, that they have annual exams and get bloodwork done to get on top of any issues before they become serious. Growing lumps, changes in appetite or bathroom habits can be all indicators to more serious issues, so talk to your vet if you have any concerns.
This November adopt a senior and help a pet live out their golden years in style, and with all the love they deserve.
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