Things to know about your pets for Halloween

By VanEastVet, on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Pets and the Holidays…

Yes Halloween season is upon us and just in case you hadn’t read enough articles about how to keep your pets safe in the holidays, I’m going to put in my two cents as well!
Firstly let’s get the old and obvious ones out of the way:
– NO chocolate for your pets (unless you want chocolate vomit all over your house, or an emergency trip to the vet in the middle of the night). Keep that Halloween candy stored safely away!
– Fireworks and constant trick-or-treaters can be confusing and scary for pets. Give them a nice, warm and quiet room to hole up in until all the noise dies down.
– Halloween decorations all over the house seem very inviting to young animals – make sure anything that could be swallowed or could burn your pet are kept our of their reach!

But don’t worry! It’s not all spooky news! Most pets enjoy the excitement that comes with the holidays, and there are some awesome ways to keep them involved.
Halloween doesn’t just have to be trick and treating! There are plenty of fun outdoor events – check out the City of Vancouver website at to find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood – and so may are dog friendly! Dress up the whole family, take your pooch out for some fun, and you can collect the compliments while they collect the pats.
There are plenty of dog/cat/ferret/rat costumes on the market, whether you go through Tisol, Amazon, or Etsy, or get creative and make your own! Why not party as a family of Avengers, Muppets, or Star Wars characters? Just make sure your pet’s costumes aren’t too tight or hot for them.
For shy pets, having a little photo party will provide much less stress than taking them out of the house, into the Halloween crowds. Get your kids, family or friends around in all their costumed glory and make a big fuss over your star pet! Post them up on social media and watch your likes spike quicker than you can say boo!

Just remember, when the weather turns gloomy and your pets aren’t getting as much exercise or time in the garden, they’re going to love having a little more affection from their family. Remember to treat your pets as the valued family members they are!
For more great tips on what to avoid, and what to encourage your furry friends to join in on, visit our friends over at Petsecure in their tips and tricks section at .
Happy Halloween everyone!