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Petsy Studio

By VanEastVet, on Friday, October 2nd, 2015

As much as I love animals, I enjoy the human interaction even more. It feels so great creating something that makes people so happy. By creating a keepsake of their animals that they love so much, you know that their painting will bring them so much happiness over the years and that they will treasure it forever.

VanEastVet: What inspired you to begin?

Brittany Mitchell: One of my best friends was getting married a few years ago, and since she is so obsessed with her two dogs, I thought she would love a small painting of each of them to put on her mantle. She and her husband were so excited about them that it got me thinking: wouldn’t any pet owner want a custom painting of the animal they love so much?  Friends began requesting paintings, and as word spread, I began receiving orders at a steady pace. I have been doing pet portraits for 4 years now, and am still loving it!


Pet portraits are great for so many different occasions. I get approached by a lot of pet-obsessed people who want one just because they adore their animals so much, but I have also done memorial portraits to honour beloved pets that have passed, as well as wedding, baby shower, and birthday gifts. A previous Petsy Studio customer even ordered a painting of her toddler!

VanEastVet: What can a client expect when they engage your services?


Brittany Mitchell: I am always open to new ideas and want to create whatever my customer’s vision may be. I feel it is very important to have a conversation about what exactly they want, though most of the people I have worked with have given me a lot of creative freedom and input.

I work from photographs, and there is the odd time the photos I receive are not super clear, or the lighting is challenging. When it is hard to see what the animal looks like, it is much harder to make it accurate, and it takes much longer to complete. I try to help customers select the photos that will give the best result prior to painting… the better the photo the better the painting!

VanEastVet: How did you study your craft?

Brittany Mitchell: Art was always my outlet growing up. I went on to study painting and sculpture during my undergrad at UVic, graduating with a BFA in 2005. My background is in abstract and conceptual art, but I decided to take a break from that kind of work and focus on the more figurative pet portraits for fun. I will get back into abstract painting someday again in the future, but I think I will always keep doing pet portraits because I enjoy it so much.

VanEastVet: Do you have any pets of your own?


Brittany Mitchell: It’s kind of ironic, but I have not had a pet in many years unfortunately! Throughout my life my family had three dogs, horses, birds, hamsters…I even had a pet crab and a shrimp! I love animals so much, but living in a small apartment makes it tough. I am waiting a few years until I life is more routine to get a dog and a cat. I want both!

VanEastVet: What are some of your passions outside of work?

Brittany Mitchell: Travel is number one, but on a more regular basis I bike and swim a lot, and love cooking, reading, and crafting with my friends.

VanEastVet: Are there any online resources that you personally use, or would recommend to others?

Brittany Mitchell: I love Instagram. I get a lot of inspiration for design by following different artists and designers. I post most of my own work on my @petsystudio Instagram Page.

VanEastVet: Our last interview subject, Marta Banat of All Paws Massage asks: “What or who inspired you to work with animals?”

Brittany Mitchell: My friends who love their pets so much. Seeing how much joy their portraits brought them definitely inspired me to devote more time to creating pet portraits for all!

VanEastVet: And what would you like to ask the next interview subject?

Brittany Mitchell: What is the most interesting food you have ever eaten, and what was it like?

VanEastVet: Thanks, Brittany!


Located in Vancouver, BC, artist Brittany Mitchell of Petsy Studio provides custom pet portraits of your beloved pets. All paintings are acrylic on gallery wood panel, and are ready to hang, with no framing necessary. Send any inquiries to, or check out Petsy Studio’s Facebook Page or Instagram for more samples.