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Vancouver Cat Cafe Is On The Way

By VanEastVet, on Monday, July 13th, 2015

Catfe, Vancouver’s cat cafe in-the-works, hit a major milestone this week when the city officially granted the cafe permit to operate.  The cafe secured a space earlier this year, on the sunny and spacious second floor of the International Village Mall, where they plan to open in October 2015. Finally, Vancouver will be able to call itself a proper world-class city.

So what can you expect from a cat cafe?  It’ll work pretty much exactly as you hoped it would.  It is a cat-themed and cat-friendly space where you will be able to interact with cats, who are free to roam as they please.  There will be a larger, primary space for interaction and play, and a smaller “cats-only” space where they can choose to retreat when dealing with humans becomes tiresome.  Catfe is also partnered with VOKRA, so in addition to the permanent feline residents, the cafe will also house a separate rotating roster of shelter cats who will be available for adoption, if you’re looking for a roommate.  Thematically, the space will be designed with cats in mind, so picture lots of furniture to climb, posts to scratch, and plenty of dangly toys.  Humans are discouraged from climbing the furniture.

With all the fluffballs stealing the show it is easy to forget that at its core, Catfe is a fully-operational cafe, so be sure to save lots of room for delicious tea and coffee and baked goods and treats.  Ordering food and drink will require interacting with a human being, but Catfe management are currently in negotiations with the city to hire specially-trained BaristaCats by 2020,* so stay tuned for that.  If you are a human or a BaristaCat, and you are interested in working at Catfe, or want to learn more about them or would like to follow their progress, check out their blog, or like them on Facebook.

Catfe has plans to open their doors in October, so consider lining up some time in September.  Cat lovers of Vancouver, assemble!

(*Not true.)