We Accommodate Pets and Their Owners

Vancouver East Veterinary Walk-In Clinic Offers a Broad Range of Services to Help Your Pet

Our clinic offers a broad range of Veterinary Services to a wide variety of species. Our Veterinarians are encouraged to develop their personal areas of interest in surgery, neurology, internal medicine, rabbits, “pocket pets” and exotic pet care.

From routine wellness checks to dealing with illness and trauma, there is no challenge we can’t handle! When we feel that we cannot provide gold-standard care in our hospital, we will refer you to trusted specialists and work with them to get the best possible care for your pet.

Spaying and Neutering

We routinely spay or neuter cats/dogs as well as rabbits, rats, and other "pocket pets."


Cleaning, prophylaxis, dental X-rays, extractions.


Our veterinary hospital follows the latest AAHA and AAFP published protocols. Where available, we use non-adjuvant vaccines to minimize the chance of a vaccine reaction.


Acupuncture is a great tool for managing back and joint pain in pets. We offer adjunct acupuncture treatments as a part of a "whole body" approach to managing discomfort in older or injured pets.


X-rays (regular and contrast-enhanced), ultrasound, myelograms.


Used to assess heart problems, monitor anesthetic cases and for CPR.

Veterinary Consultations

Every visit to our animal clinic begins with a thorough physical examination of your pet by a staff doctor. Our consultation times are 30 minutes, with extended appointments available for multiple pets or complicated cases. Contact us to book a consultation.

Pet Obesity Management

Obesity is a leading cause of health problems in pets. We can help your pet lose weight and keep it off through scientifically formulated feeding plans and qualified advice and trouble-shooting. Nutrition also plays an important role in the management of a variety of health conditions. All therapeutic veterinary diet options are available to buy at our Vancouver veterinary hospital; ask for a free sample of the custom-made sensitivity diet for your pets.


We do a broad range of soft tissue procedures including foreign body removals, cryptorchid neuters, intestinal resections, mass removal, skin flaps and contaminated wound management, and oncologic (cancer) surgery. We offer a limited number of Orthopedic procedures including simple fracture repairs and amputations. We will be expanding our orthopedic services in the coming months to include bone plating and external fixation. We also do spinal procedures including hemilaminectomy and dorsal laminectomy.

IV therapy

All of our surgical patients receive IV fluids. We also offer in-hospital intravenous fluid therapy for a broad range of conditions (kidney disease, dehydration, heat stroke, gut stasis in rabbits, etc.)

Blood Pressure Checks

We offer in-house and at-home blood pressure checks.


Ultrasounds are performed at the animal clinic and a review and report by a board-certified specialist is included with every ultrasound.

Allergy Management

Hot spots, itching, and ear infections are all common signs of dog allergies (food allergies, atopy, or atopic dermatitis). We have excellent success in getting dogs comfortable with food exclusion trials, allergy treatments, and immunotheapy. We use VARL immunotherapy to attune the immune system to ignore allergens from the environment. This is a natural way of treating allergies and helps avoid long-term medication.

In cats, sneezing, hair loss, rash and scabs are common signs of allergies, and can also be successfully managed by our pet health team.

Pet Medication Compounding

Mixing medicine into flavored solutions makes giving your pet medication a treat rather than a chore! Compounding also allows us to mix custom doses for our "special" pets, including rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and chinchillas.